If you can’t, dont!

If you can't, dont!

Why do girls (and men) try to dance in heels when they stumble and tumble into a big ol mess? Quite honestly, it’s embarrassing, especially when their ankles are sickled. Some people need to LITERALLY walk before they run. Use that advice and get it together before stomping your inverted feet on the ground to keep balance. If you can’t, dont!

A Little Choreography

This is a little choreography that my friend and I made in an hour. We were just playing with movement and somehow found ourselves birthing a choreography to this song we both felt inspired by. Hope you all enjoy a taste of our creation.

Choreography: Dan Lai and Saskia Kivilo
Music: Kishi Bashi- I Am The Antichrist to you

Simply Dance

Detailed, clean and breathtakingly simple…There are no flips, pirouettes, leaps, or backbends, just simple movements and phrases. So much can be said through dance without the drama involved. What we see on Dancing with the Stars and Dance Moms is just commercialized dancing that dazzles, using costumes and histrionic choreography with the intent to impress. We forget the core of what dance truly is: movement of expression.

Song: Dancing in the Dark- Ben Howard and Yael Naim
Dancers: Emma Porter and Matt Luck

5,6,7,8…and I’m sore

Coming home from a dance class I took an hour ago, I start to feel it. The pains, moans and groans my body screams as I slowly lay myself onto the couch. My back and hips are especially sore and really, almost on fire. Yet, the best part about this suffering, I actually enjoy it. I look forward to the bruises, the agony and the hurt of a sore muscle. I call it a good sore because I like the idea of working so hard to the point of physical pain. It means not only have I tried my hardest, but I also got in a good exercise. Soreness is a pain I look forward to receiving and there is not a day where I do not feel it. I will continue this bodily abuse and look forward to the next muscle that feels the burn of my fight to try my best!