“Enlightened” canceled.


After reading somewhere that HBO cancelled the “best show that no one was watching,” my interest was peaked and now, 18 episodes later, I am trying to Veronica Mars this situation into commissioning a third season of “Enlightened.” This show for the most of season 1, had no plot. It is a story of a woman who recovers from a mental breakdown and how she tries to adjust back into her old life all while trying to adjust people to see her new way of living. Yet there is so much more to this show that is really inexplicable. There is no way to categorize this show because of its uniqueness that it possesses. There is so little to this show plot wise, yet so much to offer in so many other ways. Unfortunately, no one was watching, leading to its cancellation.


The main character Amy Jellicoe is also something of a self reflection for viewers watching. She strives to be an agent of change, a do gooder with a big heart, yet for most of the of the first season, only dips her toes in the water before running back ashore. She is so sure of her ideals and compassions yet acts out hypocritically against her beliefs. She says she wants to do things for the greater good, yet most of what she does is fueled by emotions like rage rather than her moral compass.  She can be so unlikable and does some of the most cringe worthy things, upsetting the social norms, yet we can all find a little bit of Amy in all of us.


Maybe America is not ready to see themselves in this sort of negative light. We want to watch movies and TVs to escape from our lives, yet this show delves into our flaws and insecurities through this character, putting the focus right back to reality. Most shows fail because of the inability to connect with the show on some level. The problem here is that we connect too well with the Amy Jellicoe, where glimpses of ourselves are reflected within it, making us not want to watch. 


Whatever the reason is, there won’t be a season 3, which makes me sad. Kickstarter/campaigns/fan gatherings, anything to repeal HBO’s decision. We gotta have hope right?


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