What is all the rage about high tolerance?

I just don’t understand. What is it with people and their pride in high tolerance? Why does it matter? It’s not like you don’t party as hard if you have lower tolerance, you just get there faster. Every time I go out, there is always that one person that says something a long the lines of

“I just took 10 shots and I don’t even feel it!”

“Um, cool. Good for you?”

I am not sure how to respond to that. The way that sentence is phrased makes it seem like you wish you were drunk. Yet there is also this underlying envy factor that I am supposed to be in awe of because you have high tolerance. So you want to get drunk, yet you are happy that it is really hard for you because it takes a lot of liquor to hammer you?…awesome! Wouldn’t just be better if you had a lower tolerance? That would get you drunk much faster. Now, I am not saying it is great to be a one shot wonder, but isn’t 10 just a little excessive? I can’t even imagine having to chug down 10 shots of alcohol to even start to feel something.

Living in Manhattan, I would rather have a low tolerance anyway. First, the drinks are always expensive wherever you go. Second, it is better for your health. Obviously, alcohol itself is not a healthy beverage, but it is obviously better having only a handful of drinks rather than having too many to count. Third, it tastes like ass. I rarely believe people who actually love the taste of vodka or tequila. Maybe in a mixed drink, masked with sugar and juice, the taste is acceptable. Any drink straight up is quite honestly, straight up nasty!

In most cases, the point of drinking is to likely get a buzz, tipsy and or/drunk. Why prolong these effects with a want for a higher tolerance? Why not enjoy these feelings with less alcohol consumption? It is cheaper, healthier and less hell for you taste buds.


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