Is the media right or wrong?

It was not too long ago that the shooting at Sandy Hook occurred. Casualties were high and irrevocable damage was done physically and emotionally. Of course this prompted the federal government to act upon the devastation and bring forth the issue of gun control. The whole nation has been talking about it . From the news, to magazines, to chatting with friends, the issue of guns has become a hot bed issue. Now I don’t know if it is just me, but has this spotlight on gun violence sparked the recent string of gun crimes in school? It seems as if everyday I have been watching the news where one state has had a case of a student bring a gun to school. Kansas, New Jersey and New York are a just a few of many where it has been reported that a student has brought a gun to an educational facility.

The worst part is that this is not the first time this phenomenon has happened. It was only a year ago that a child committed suicide from being bullied his whole life. Of course, the media made it a really big deal and how people need to stop it from happening. After the attention it received, the phenomenon occurred where multiple teen suicides happened nation wide and it seemed endless. It seemed like every few days, a teen committed suicide from bullying.

I have to wonder whether or not the idea of media coverage on such hot bed issues and the prevalence it had on society really led to the continuation of these problems. On one hand, it is great that bullying and gun control have been put in the center of problems to be fixed and traction has been made to mitigate them. It is also great to help the victims and families recuperate through the support of American citizens. Yet, it seems as if this spotlight also creates a chain of problems where these hot topics become ingrained in people’s minds, permeate their thoughts, and eventually acting out on them. Or maybe these crimes happen regardless but are not on the scale of importance until it becomes a hot topic of discussion. Who knows?

Now I know that these are only two issues of the millions we have in the US and society, and the idea of media coverage and continued crime might not even be correlated, but if it is, then is there a possible way the media can take on such high profile subjects without repercussions?


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