5,6,7,8…and I’m sore

Coming home from a dance class I took an hour ago, I start to feel it. The pains, moans and groans my body screams as I slowly lay myself onto the couch. My back and hips are especially sore and really, almost on fire. Yet, the best part about this suffering, I actually enjoy it. I look forward to the bruises, the agony and the hurt of a sore muscle. I call it a good sore because I like the idea of working so hard to the point of physical pain. It means not only have I tried my hardest, but I also got in a good exercise. Soreness is a pain I look forward to receiving and there is not a day where I do not feel it. I will continue this bodily abuse and look forward to the next muscle that feels the burn of my fight to try my best!



One thought on “5,6,7,8…and I’m sore

  1. I always liked dance classes because I never felt like I was exercising because I was having too much fun. But you definitely feel it when you come home! Thanks for following my blog! I really like yours 🙂

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