What is all the rage about high tolerance?

I just don’t understand. What is it with people and their pride in high tolerance? Why does it matter? It’s not like you don’t party as hard if you have lower tolerance, you just get there faster. Every time I go out, there is always that one person that says something a long the lines of

“I just took 10 shots and I don’t even feel it!”

“Um, cool. Good for you?”

I am not sure how to respond to that. The way that sentence is phrased makes it seem like you wish you were drunk. Yet there is also this underlying envy factor that I am supposed to be in awe of because you have high tolerance. So you want to get drunk, yet you are happy that it is really hard for you because it takes a lot of liquor to hammer you?…awesome! Wouldn’t just be better if you had a lower tolerance? That would get you drunk much faster. Now, I am not saying it is great to be a one shot wonder, but isn’t 10 just a little excessive? I can’t even imagine having to chug down 10 shots of alcohol to even start to feel something.

Living in Manhattan, I would rather have a low tolerance anyway. First, the drinks are always expensive wherever you go. Second, it is better for your health. Obviously, alcohol itself is not a healthy beverage, but it is obviously better having only a handful of drinks rather than having too many to count. Third, it tastes like ass. I rarely believe people who actually love the taste of vodka or tequila. Maybe in a mixed drink, masked with sugar and juice, the taste is acceptable. Any drink straight up is quite honestly, straight up nasty!

In most cases, the point of drinking is to likely get a buzz, tipsy and or/drunk. Why prolong these effects with a want for a higher tolerance? Why not enjoy these feelings with less alcohol consumption? It is cheaper, healthier and less hell for you taste buds.

Is the media right or wrong?

It was not too long ago that the shooting at Sandy Hook occurred. Casualties were high and irrevocable damage was done physically and emotionally. Of course this prompted the federal government to act upon the devastation and bring forth the issue of gun control. The whole nation has been talking about it . From the news, to magazines, to chatting with friends, the issue of guns has become a hot bed issue. Now I don’t know if it is just me, but has this spotlight on gun violence sparked the recent string of gun crimes in school? It seems as if everyday I have been watching the news where one state has had a case of a student bring a gun to school. Kansas, New Jersey and New York are a just a few of many where it has been reported that a student has brought a gun to an educational facility.

The worst part is that this is not the first time this phenomenon has happened. It was only a year ago that a child committed suicide from being bullied his whole life. Of course, the media made it a really big deal and how people need to stop it from happening. After the attention it received, the phenomenon occurred where multiple teen suicides happened nation wide and it seemed endless. It seemed like every few days, a teen committed suicide from bullying.

I have to wonder whether or not the idea of media coverage on such hot bed issues and the prevalence it had on society really led to the continuation of these problems. On one hand, it is great that bullying and gun control have been put in the center of problems to be fixed and traction has been made to mitigate them. It is also great to help the victims and families recuperate through the support of American citizens. Yet, it seems as if this spotlight also creates a chain of problems where these hot topics become ingrained in people’s minds, permeate their thoughts, and eventually acting out on them. Or maybe these crimes happen regardless but are not on the scale of importance until it becomes a hot topic of discussion. Who knows?

Now I know that these are only two issues of the millions we have in the US and society, and the idea of media coverage and continued crime might not even be correlated, but if it is, then is there a possible way the media can take on such high profile subjects without repercussions?

My dumb/smart dog…

There is something very peculiar about my dog. If we are talking about things that benefit him, he is definitely above his intelligence level. For instance, he’s very aware of the area in the kitchen where his treats are stored and every couple of hours, would stand in front of that cabinet signalling us to retrieve a tasty snack for him. He is also very conscious of his bowel needs every morning and barks, licks and nudges each one of my family members until one of us finally wakes up to walk him. He even has an acquired taste in food and refuses to eat anything dry or bland, making it more complicated for my family to get him to eat his dog food. He definitely favors particular members of my family. There are certain family members that he excitedly greets whenever they come home like my mom. And then there are those that he rarely pays attention to, like my sister.

Unfortunately for him, that is as smart as he is going to be because, well, everything else about him is, in fact, dumb. His most biggest downfall and failure within his brain is spacial awareness. He is a 170 pound English Mastiff, bigger than half my family, yet he still likes to believe he is the size of a Pomeranian. He tries to nudge and squeeze himself into tight spots of the couch or the bed. Whenever I let him lay on the bed, I am awoken realizing that I am balled up on the corner of it while my dog is sprawled diagonally  across the rest of the mattress and on top of my covers. What do I do? I end up sleeping in a fetal position, cold and sore.

He also isn’t very trained in problem solving. My sister once as a joke, surround him with pillows to “trap him.” Of course, we knew he wouldn’t really be trapped since, he could trample through those pillows. Except, the “trap” actually worked and he was “unable” to break free. He tried using his paw to nudge at the pillow every few minutes to try and move it, yet the pillows were just to heavy for him to make a move. So after his tireless, effort trying to break free from the reinforced pillow walls, he ends up laying on top of them.

But at the end of the day, he is still my dog and is still of the greatest loves of my life. I accept him as he is, even with his flaws located inside within his skull. I will continue to care for him and express himself, even if it is stupid. Because that is what you do when you love someone, isn’t it?Image

5,6,7,8…and I’m sore

Coming home from a dance class I took an hour ago, I start to feel it. The pains, moans and groans my body screams as I slowly lay myself onto the couch. My back and hips are especially sore and really, almost on fire. Yet, the best part about this suffering, I actually enjoy it. I look forward to the bruises, the agony and the hurt of a sore muscle. I call it a good sore because I like the idea of working so hard to the point of physical pain. It means not only have I tried my hardest, but I also got in a good exercise. Soreness is a pain I look forward to receiving and there is not a day where I do not feel it. I will continue this bodily abuse and look forward to the next muscle that feels the burn of my fight to try my best!


Trying something new…


Trolling through the internet, I find myself mindlessly clicking and clicking, leave traces of myself only visible to those who sift through internet traffic or read encoded data. Rather than just reading, listening and watching, I might as well contribute to the web. I already am slave to my computer, spending countless hours on my Mozilla browser, trying to find something entertaining or viral. With this, I can actually share things I find interesting. Well, let the adventures begin weeeeeeee……